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  1. Important Note on Plagiarism

    All students are hereby informed that plagiarism in all forms from open printed literature and public access domains (such as internet) is a serious offence in research. All references to published literature either in printed form or public access domains must carry the appropriate citations to the source of the information and to copy verbatim from such sources is strictly prohibited. In addition, all students are hereby informed that the School takes a serious view on infringement of copyright of published. Students are required to submit their dissertations for originality check using the Turnitin software. A Declaration Form has to be signed by the student and supervisor when the dissertation is submitted for examination.

  2. Turnitin Originality Check

    Students​ are allowed to submit their drafted dissertation to the EEE MSc Master Course Site via NTUlearn for the originality check while preparing their dissertation write-up. Students are required to submit their final version of the dissertation to their supervisor personal course site via NTUlearn.

  3. Submission for Examination

    Student is required to submit the followings items with two ring-bound dissertations through his/her supervisor and Programme Director. The dissertation and forms will subsequently be forwarded to Graduate Programme Office, EEE to follow-up on examination process: 

    i) One CD ROM consists of the soft-copy of the dissertation (in pdf format), Originality Report (in HTML format).

    ii) Dissertation Declaration Form – ​Endorsed by both supervisor and student. 

    iii) Dissertation Submission Form 

    iv) Student Data Form

    v)  Completion online RI course certificate 

  4. Submission Forms and Guidelines for dissertation

    Students are advised to refer to the following format for the Dissertation write-up:

    i)   Dissertation Cover Template

    ii)  Dissertation Title Page Template 

    iii) Hardbound Dissertation Sample

    iv) MSc Dissertation Guideline

 Please be informed that all submission forms and format are available at GPO Intranet Website.​ ​
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