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Forms and Procedures

  1. Forms:

    Students are advised to obtain the following forms from the Graduate Programme Intranet Website:

    a) Declaration Form
    b) Dissertation Submission Form
    c) Student Data Form

  2. Guidelines

    Students are advised to obtain the following guidelines from the Graduate Programme Intranet Website:

    a) Dissertation Guideline
    b) Dissertation Cover Template
    c) Dissertation Title Page Template
    d) Hardbound Dissertation Sample
    e) IEEE Copyright Policy for Dissertation
    f) Guideline on how to submit Dissertation and view the originality report via the EEE MSc Master Course Site

  3. Procedures

    Students are required to liaise directly with TUM Asia Pte Ltd for the following applications:
    •  Leave of Absence (LOA​)
    • Deferment from programme
    • Withdrawal from programme
    • Appeal for re-admission
    • Fee & Financial Matt​ers

    For details, please refer to the TUM student handbook for more information.

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