PhD and MEng Programmes



Graduate Level courses Offered to Students in Sem 1 and 2 of AY2017-18

EE6000 & EE7000 series courses

Please click here​​ for the list of EE6000 & EE7000 series courses offered by EEE.

EE9000 courses offered by the School are subject to availability.

Please click here for the list of EE9000 courses currently offered by EEE.

Students will be informed of the EE9000 courses by announcements sent to their NTU email account.

Course Exemption:

Maximum number of courses allowed for exemption, credit transferred and “pass/fail” courses

Research Student MEng
(Required to complete minimum 3 graduate level courses * )
(Required to complete minimum 6 graduate level courses * )
Maximum No. of Courses Allowed for Exemption 1 (3 AU) 3 (9 AU)

* Include exemption, credits transferred and ‘Pass/Fail’ courses​​