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PhD and MEng Programmes



Graduate Level courses Offered to Students in Sem 1 and 2 of AY2016-17

EE6000 & EE7000 series courses

Please click here​​ for the list of EE6000 & EE7000 series courses offered by EEE.

EE9000 courses offered by the School are subject to availability.

Please click here​​ for the list of EE9000 courses currently offered by EEE.

Students will be informed of the EE9000 courses by announcements sent to their NTU email account.

Course Exemption:

Maximum number of courses allowed for exemption, credit transferred and “pass/fail” courses

Research Student MEng
(Required to complete minimum 3 graduate level courses * )
(Required to complete minimum 6 graduate level courses * )
Maximum No. of Courses Allowed for Exemption 1 (3 AU) 3 (9 AU)

* Include exemption, credits transferred and ‘Pass/Fail’ courses​​