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PhD and MEng Programmes



M.Eng and Ph.D. candidates may be admitted as full-time or part-time students. The minimum and maximum periods of candidature for both full-time and part-time programmes are available here​.

  1. All successful candidates are admitted as research students in the first instance with the students expected to be confirmed as Ph.D. candidates or Master candidates after a confirmation exercise. That is, a candidate admitted as a research student pursing his Ph.D. is expected to be confirmed as a Ph.D. candidate. A candidate admitted as a research student pursing his M.Eng. is expected to be confirmed as a M.Eng. candidate.

  2. Under the M.Eng./Ph.D. programmes, candidates pursue an independent but supervised research in an approved field of advanced study based on which a thesis must be submitted. 

  3. Candidates are also required to attend classes and pass the examinations to meet the coursework requirements (such as Academic Units (AU) requirement and CGPA requirement). Candidates are required to earn at least 9 AUs (e.g. three 3 AUs courses) and 18 AUs (e.g. six 3 AU courses) in M.Eng. and Ph.D. study respectively. 

  4. Full-time Ph.D. candidates are required to complete two additional courses, namely (1) Graduate English and (2) University Teaching for Teaching Assistants on top of the 18AU course requirements.

  5.  All candidates are required to complete all courses and undergo a Qualifying Examination cum Confirmation Exercise (QE) within the period stipulated. Upon completion of the research, the candidate is required to submit a thesis on research for examination.

  6. For the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, there is also an oral examination on the subject matter of the thesis and other related subjects.

For further details on programme requirements, please refer to the respective Academic Year (AY) intake student handbook which can be obtained via the Graduate Research Programme Office Intranet Website.  

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