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All students need to complete 30 Academic Units (AUs) and achieve a CGPA of not less than 2.5 to graduate. Each course consists of 39 hours of lectures and is assigned 3 AUs. Classes for each course are held once a week for three hours and examinations are conducted during office hours at the end of each semester. There are 2 study options to complete the programme:

Option 1
Coursework + Dissertation
​​Option 2
​​​8 courses + dissertation project​​
(30 AUs in total)
​​​10 courses 
(30 AUs in total)
  • ​5 specialized courses (≥15 AUs)
  • ​5 specialized courses ​(≥15 AUs)
  • 1 prescribed electives (≥3 AUs)​
  • 2 prescribed electives (≥6 AUs)​
  • 2 general electives (≤6 AUs)​
  • 3 general electives (≤ 9 AUs)​
  • ​Dissertation (6 AUs)

Full-time students are strongly recommended to select the dissertation option, however this option is recommended only for students with a high level of English proficiency. Students taking the dissertation option may take a longer time to complete the programme.

Note: The programme structure will be subject to change without prior notice.

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