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Ministry of Education (MOE) subsidized MSc


Managing Finances

  1. Part-time Working Scheme 
    Full-time international graduate students may apply to One Stop @ SAC for endorsement to work part-time during the academic term. Term and conditions apply. Click here to view the details.
    Students are required to submit the following document with the application form (download from SAO-ISS website) to EEE Graduate Programme Office for AC(Research) consideration.
    1. For new students:
      Commitment letter – this letter should include the details of their study plan  to ensure the part-time job will not affect their study.

    2. For current students:
      a) Academic Examination Results for those courses that students have completed.
      b) Courses that students intent/have registered for the current semester. (If any.)
      c) Students who are working on dissertation projects, recommendation (in hardcopy or softcopy form) from supervisor is required.
      International full-time students with Student-Pass should not start their part-time work prior to obtain the approval from the University. In order to obtain the approval from SAO-ISS before working period, students are required to submit their applications to EEE Graduate Programme Office  (S2-B2b-71), at least 7 working days in advance.