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Peer Tutoring Scheme (PTS)

Seeking for tutors in Peer Tutoring Scheme:

If you’ve obtained excellent results and is willing to lend a hand to others, the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is providing you the student-tuition assignment for both semesters. You must obtained a Grade A and above in the courses you’ve taken and in particular the following courses:

Year 1: EE1002 / EE1003 / **IM1002 / **IM1003

Year 2: EE2001 / EE2002 / EE2003 / EE2004 (IM1004) / EE2006 (IM2006) / EE2007 (IM2007) / EE2008 (IM1001) / EE2010 (IM2004) / IM2001 (EE4001) / IM2003 (EE3017)

Year 2 (Poly Direct-entry): PH1012 / *MH2810

Year 3: EE3001 / EE3002 (IM2002) / *IM3003 (EE4758)​

The school will be paying you S$15 per hour. Each session lasts 2 hours. The tutoring session will take place in school during weekday’s evenings from 6.00pm - 8.00pm. The chosen tutors will be informed via NTU email account.

Please sign up to be a tutor to help others. An interview will be conducted. You will be notified on the venue and time of the interview. Do bring along your parents’pay slips, income tax or CPF statement for verification of household incomes.

All information will be kept private & confidential. If you have any queries, please email to:

  • Tutor’s application starts from: Week 1 to Week 2 of each semester

  • Tutor’s application closing date: End of Week 2

  • Tutor’s interview will be conducted: Week 3

Messages from Peer Tutoring Scheme’s Tutors


I joined EEE Peer Tutoring Scheme as a tutor because I had been wishing to have the chance to teach in front of the class, probably ever since my first class at NTU. This programme was very beneficial to me, besides being able to make many friends, I learnt many things to improve my own interpersonal skills.

The most important thing is, I am really happy for being able to help my peer friends. Although sometimes I had to spend extra time on teaching when the tutees needed, I was also glad when they said they successfully passed their quizzes and exams with grades higher than expected.  

EEE Peer Tutoring Scheme really has given me invaluable experience that I cannot describe one by one. I really enjoyed teaching as Peer Tutor in EEE Peer Tutoring Scheme.

Thank you very much to the School, and especially to the EEE Club committees, who have worked very hard in organizing the scheme.

Sharing of knowledge has always been a wonderful experience. Therefore, I am deeply grateful for being given the chance of doing so through the EEE PTS (Peer Tutoring Scheme). This scheme has given the opportunity and platform for both peer tutors and peer tutees to interact and exchange their views of the various EEE courses. This has made the process of learning more effective as they are peers without much difference in age and superiority.

The driving force to become a peer tutor came from my eagerness to share my knowledge and understanding of the courses that I have excelled in. Having the same learning process of the courses gone through not long before, I was confident that I could share my personal point of view as well as the working method to understand the underlying concepts with the peer tutees so that they could comprehend the ideas more easily. Having the monetary rewards has definitely served as an added bonus.

After participating in the PTS for two consecutive semesters, the gains have been tremendous. I have benefited from being able to learn to express my thoughts more effectively so that the audience could understand the message delivered. In addition, I managed to keep my memory of the relevant courses refreshed even after the examinations have ended so that the concepts could be explained without much re-reading. Furthermore, I have also gained more confidence in steering my future career path towards becoming an academic.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parties involved including the School of EEE and PTS committee members. Special appreciation is dedicated to Joanne Quek and Alvin Gan who have put in much effort to make EEE PTS a success. The peer tutees’ effort to attend the classes held has also been acknowledged.

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