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Generations of competent and versatile engineers  

Preparing students for the workforce is important but so is the need to groom students into well-rounded talents so they can enjoy the flexibility of career choices. 

Characterising the EEE curriculum is broad-based training, which focuses on three aspects: 

·         Solid foundation in the physical sciences

·         Comprehensive training in electrical engineering

·         Broad coverage of non-technical areas

The non-technical courses offered to EEE students include the following: 

·         Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

·         Business and Management

·         Science, Technology and Society

·         Communication Skills

·         Human Resource Management

·         Engineers and Society

Referred to as “General Education Requirement Prescribed Electives” (GER-PE), these non-engineering courses contribute about 23% of the overall curriculum workload. Students will take these courses throughout their four years at the School.​

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