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EEE Design & Innovation Project (DIP) 2014/2015


Project Competition

In order to encourage students and their supervisors to come up with the best innovative design, one DIP competition will be organized within respective Thematic Programmes by programme coordinators. The judges and criteria of competition are determined by programme coordinators. For programmes with small number of projects, they will merge with other programmes for competition.

In AY 14/15 Sem2,  competition of all the 8 projects will be carried out in one group.

Date of DIP Competition: 
11 May 2015


Winners of 2014/15 Sem1 Design and Innovation Project  Competition:

Thematic Programme  -  Smart and Micro Grids for Integration of Renewable Energy Sources: 
Winning Project:


Smart PV penal for street lighting system

Supervisor: Prof Wang Peng

Thematic Programme  – Smart Electronics Programme:
Winning Project:


Smartphone-based Oblique Incidence Reflectometer​

Supervisors: Prof Zheng Yuanjin


Thematic Programme  – UAVIONICS
Winning Project:


UAV Gripper

Supervisors: Prof Mao Kezhi

Combined Thematic Programmes  – Radar and Satellite
Winning Project:


Design and development of a Comeback Cansat

Supervisors: Dr Shao Xuguang and Prof Low Kay Soon

Combined Thematic Programmes  – Electromedical Technologies and Mobile Computing
Winning Project:


Electroencephalogram (EEG) Based Biometric Security System

Supervisors: Prof Justin Dauwels

Combined Thematic Programmes  – Undergraduate Photonics and EEEbot - The Robotic Challenge
Winning Project:


Energy-Efficient Robots for Motion and Task Cooperation

Supervisors: Prof Hu Guoqiang
C. Wen​