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EEE Design & Innovation Project (DIP) 2017/2018


The EEE Design and Innovation Project (DIP)/EE3080 program is compulsory program for all full-time third year EEE students.

Over the years the training provided in the program has been changing continuously, adapting to the rapidly changing technological and educational trends in Singapore and worldwide. Currently, the program requires each student to undertake a project with group-size up to 10 students. Each project group is supervised by up to two academic staff. Through DIP, students will design, prototype, and test innovative electronic, electrical or IT products.

The Design and Innovation Project (DIP) for the third year students will be carried out during Semester 1 or Semester 2. Students are required to work on DIP for 6 hours per week over the 13 weeks. A timeslot 1.30pm - 4.30pm on every Wednesday is allocated to DIP. The other 3 hours are flexible and can be determined by project supervisor after discussing with students. ​

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