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For general enquiries, you are encouraged to askNTU.  Alternatively, you may send in your enquiry through the following channels:
Enquiries Contact Person​ Telephone Contact Email
Academic (Full-Time) 
(Inc. Curriculum; Course Registration Matters)

​Ms Madona Fernandez
Ms Lim Ai Fang

​6790 6364
6790 6014

​Academic (Part-Time)
(Inc. Curriculum; Course Registration Matters)
​Ms May Lee-Yap Hew ​6790 5017 ​ehyap
Final Year Project (FYP) Ms Hau Wai Ping ​6790 6464 ewphau
​Student Exchange Programme (Inbound/Outbound) ​Ms Madona Fernandez ​6790 6364 ​eee-exchange
​Student Research Programme (UROP/URECA) ​Ms Lim Ai Fang ​6790 6014 ​eafthian
​Short-Term Leave / Medical Leave ​Ms Elsa Tan ​6513 2749 ​ElsaTanLN
Nanyang Technological University
School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Undergraduate Programme Office (South Spine, Block S2)
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