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Undergraduate (Full-Time)


Bachelor of Engineering (EEE) & MSc Integrated Programme


NTU College of Engineering (CoE)’s Integrated Programme (IP) is an exclusive fast-track programme that allows select students with excellent scholastic abilities to pursue and complete both their Bachelor and Master degrees at an accelerated pace of 4.5 years, instead of the usual 5 to 6 years. The IP offers incredible flexibility and is suitable for all aspiring Engineers alike, including those who wish to deepen their knowledge in a specific Engineering field, those who wish to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge, as well as those who wish to gain multidisciplinary exposure. Students will be able to customise their own integrated programme from the University and College of Engineering’s comprehensive selection of undergraduate and graduate programmes. Commencing first with their undergraduate training in the initial 3.5 years of the programme, students may declare their Master of Science (Engineering) option at any juncture before the end of their third year of study+. Hence, whether you choose to further a specialised Engineering sub-discipline, or venture across disciplines, options and possibilities abound.


Programme Curriculums

Academic Unit Summary & Classification Tables