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Registration Forms

Course Appeal Form
This Form applies to students who need help to either seek approval to waive the academic restrictions or register major courses on their behalf. Please read the terms and conditions before you complete the form.

Important Notes

  1. UPO shall assign any available index to the requested course(s).

  2. This form is not applicable under the following situations:
    • Failure to register for a single course, in lieu of missing his/her assigned registration period. In this instance, the student must register the courses during the Add/Drop Period.
    • Change of timetable to accommodate GER electives, DIP or FYP.
    • Register GER-PE/UE on student’s behalf.

  3. We reserve the right to change some of the classes or even the entire timetable to ensure that students registers for all their requested courses. Upon completion, it would not revert to the original timetable, should the student is not satisfied with the registered index.

  4. The form must be submitted together with a copy of the STARS Planner and Check/Print Registered Timetable. UPO reserves the right to reject the form, if any of the documents are not enclosed.

      Click here to use the softcopy. (Activation Period: 25 Jun – 03 Jul 2018)

Academic Registration Petition Form 
(Only applicable for Semester 1 registration.)

This form is only applicable for Semester 1 course registration exercise. It is only used by students who have attained Academic Warning/Probation after the release of the Semester 2 examination results. Students are barred from accessing STARS to register the courses. Please read the terms and conditions before you complete the form.

Important Notes

  1. Students must download the Academic Registration Petition Form (ARP).

  2. The student must meet his/her Academic Mentor on the study plan, and subsequent registration request. Once the mentor is agreeable to the plan, he/she will endorse the ARP Form. (Note: Students can identify their Academic Mentors via Studentlink > Academic Advisory Scheme.)

  3. If the student’s mentor is unavailable, the student may seek the Registration Officer to endorse your form. However, the student is strongly encouraged to meet his/her Academic Mentor at the start of the semester.

  4. Students can only register their normal study load. Overloading is strictly not allowed.

  5. Courses without the prerequisite will not be registered.

  6. UPO will only register the Core and Major Prescribed Courses for the student’s current year of study.

  7. For GER PE and GER UE, students may write up to five choices to be placed on the waiting list. Students should also utilise the maximum choices allowed to be on waiting list for a higher chance of being allocated electives instead of just putting one or two choices. For modern language courses, a student may be required to declare his proficiency level or previous study of the language, and for sports courses, he may have to declare that he is medically and physically fit to take the course. All GER Electives can only be placed on the waitlist, subjected to the allocation of placement by the Office of Academic Services.

  8. After completing the form, the student must submit the hardcopy form, with a copy of their STAR Planner and Degree Audit to the EEE Undergraduate Programme Office (Block S2, Level B2a) by 14 June 2018. Students who submitted the form during or after the registration schedule may not be given all their choice timeslots, due to class limitations. In this instance, the registration administrators will randomly allocate any available timeslots.

  9. Students are advised not to make changes to their confirmed timetable, unless recommended by the Academic Mentor.

     Click here to use the softcopy. (Activation Period: 04 Jun 2018 onwards)

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