Undergraduate (Part-Time)


Exemption from DIP & IA


Application for Exemption from: Design & Innovation Project (DIP) and Industrial Attachment (IA)

Rationale and when to apply for exemption

In the full-time B.Eng Programme, students are required to do Design & Innovation Project (DIP) in their 2nd year and Industrial Attachment (IA) in their 3rd year.

For the part-time B.Eng Programme, students are exempted from DIP and IA if they can fulfil the one year of industrial work experience on a technical job, i.e., half a year each for DIP and IA.

DIP and IA exemptions are pre-requisites to commencing EE4080 Final Year Project (FYP). Students who have not obtained these exemptions may not be allowed to commence FYP and may delay FYP completion and thereby graduation.

Students are to complete this form (click here) and submit it to the EEE Undergraduate Programme Office at S2-B2a-34 in Semester 1/Semester 2 of Year 2 when they have accumulated one year of work experience.