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Course Registration for Academic Year 2017 Semester 2


Follow these steps to register for your Semester 2 courses:


  • Check your Personalized Date and Time of Registration on 30 November 2017 from 9 am onwards, to ensure that you did not miss your scheduled date. Do not assume that your registration schedule is the same as your peers admitted in the same year because students who have passed more courses could be promoted earlier while those who lag behind could be in a lower registration study year.
  • Check the examination timetable to ensure that there are no clashes in the Examination dates before you proceed with your registration.
  • First year freshmen admitted in AY2017-2018 are required to register their courses on their own through STARS during their assigned registration date and time.
  • Plan your course(s) carefully.  Students must be responsible in their course selection.  If you register for the wrong course or fail to take a compulsory course, you may delay your graduation year.  Hence, please refer to the Course Curriculum before you plan your timetable.


The School has pre-approved the overload of 1 course for all PEEE students on good academic standing. Students who are not on Academic Warning or Academic Probation are to register overload course during the registration day. Students on Academic Warning or Academic Probation will not be allowed to overload. The School reserves the right to close any repeating class that has less than 8 students on the list.

Important Note: The School has granted maximum approval for students to overload their courses. It is your responsibility, as a student to ensure that the load you choose to register for is manageable. You must be confident of handling all the courses and be able to do well in the examinations. Students who choose to ignore this may find themselves performing very poorly at the examinations. This has very serious consequences. You could find yourself being placed on Academic Warning, Academic Probation or even Refused Re-admission to the University.


  • Most courses have compulsory prerequisites, which are listed in the Class Schedule.  Each student is responsible for meeting the prerequisite for each higher course they wish to read.
  • Students who failed to meet the prerequisite, i.e. failed/MCed a course that is a prerequisite to a registered course, will have the higher courses automatically de-registered after the release of the examination results.


  • Students can access the EEE Timetable Server System found in the School's webpage,, for information on timetable, make-up classes etc.
  • Students are reminded to register all the necessary courses during the registration day. Students who failed any course(s) in their last examination must also register their other courses during the registration day. Students who miss the registration day will need to wait until the Add/Drop Period (15 – 21 January 2018 (10 am – 10 pm)) before they can access STARS to register for their courses.
  • Students who are absent for any of the courses in the AY2017 Semester 1 examination due to illness or otherwise, would not be able to re-register the Semester 1 course(s) for the upcoming course registration exercise.  Since the examination results will only be released after the registration period, STARS would assumethat you have passed all your Semester 1 courses.  As such, you would only be able to register the course(s) during the Add/Drop Period.
  • Students, who have missed their registration time, may register their courses between 5 and 10 pm on the same day of their registration. This slot will be open to anyone who was scheduled to register on that day. However, if you have missed your day of registration, you will need to register your courses during the Add‐Drop Period. Students are advised to adhere strictly to their registration date and time, as the School will not reschedule it for whatever reasons.
  • Note: A student who is registered for a course after the Add/Drop period but did NOT subsequently sit for the examination, will be deemed to have read and failed the course. An ‘F’ grade will appear on the official transcript.


  • All Year 3, 4 and 5 students who are doing EE4079/EE4080 (Final Year Project) do not need to register the course, as it will be done after the Add/Drop Period.
  • In reference to the time slots given in the master timetable for EE4079/EE4080, you are expected to spend a minimum of 3 hours a week in both semesters on your final year project. Students are advised to arrange the project schedules with their supervisor(s).


The School does not accept requests from students to change tutorial groups, due to limitation of class capacity.


The forms apply to students who needs help to either seek approval to waive the academic restrictions or register major courses on their behalf.   Students must comply with the terms and conditions stated on the form.

Note: The School's Approving Officer will review all appeals, and approve them on a case-by-case basis.  Be advised that the School’s decision is FINAL.


Students may seek help from the relevant sources:

Advice on Contact Details
Academic Matters (Including Curriculum;  Course Registration; Final Year Project) EEE Undergraduate Section (S2-B2a-34) 
Network Issue
(STARS; Star Planner; PIN; Email Access)
NSS IT Services

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