EEE Safety


Training Requirement

 Requirements for User to access EEE Laboratories 

    • Mandatory requirements for EEE Laboratory users - accessible through NTULearn (Guide to accessing the courses in NTULearn)

         1. For Faculty and Principal Investigator:        

                 a. Safety Induction for Faculty and PI (OHS2SIF01);       

                 b. Risk Management: Introduction (OHS2RMI01);

                 c. Risk Management: Legal Requirements (OHS2RMR01);

         2. For Office Staff:
                a. Safety Induction for Office Staff (OHS2SIO01);
                b. Electrical Safety (OHS2ELS01);

                c. Fire Safety (OHS2FIS01);

                d. Slip, trip and fall (OHS2STF01);

                e. Workstation Office Ergonomics (OHS2WOE01);

                f. Manual Lifting (OHS2MAH01);

                g. Use of Fire Extinguisher (OHS2FEB01);

                h. Risk Management: Introduction (OHS2RMI01);

                i. Risk Management: Legal Requirements (OHS2RMR01);


         3. For EEE Lab Users:


              a. NTU Safety Induction for Laboratory Users (OHS2SIL01);

              b. EEE Safety Induction for Laboratory Users (EEE2SIL01);

              c. Electrical Safety (OHS2ELS01);

              d. Fire Safety (OHS2FIS01);

              e. Slip, trip and fall (OHS2STF01);

              f. Workstation Office Ergonomics (OHS2WOE01);

              g. Manual Lifting (OHS2MAH01);

              h. Use of Fire Extinguisher (OHS2FEB01);

              i. Understanding Signage from SS 508(OHS2SIG01);

              j. Risk Management: Introduction (OHS2RMI01);

              k. Risk Management: Legal Requirements (OHS2RMR01);

              l. Risk Management: Doing Risk Assessment (OHS2RMD01);

             m. Risk Management: Risk Control Measures (OHS2RMC01)

    Besides the above, everyone is encouraged to take up the course on CPR/AED Awareness (OHS2CPR01).


         4. For Others safety training in EEE Users:

                 a. Safety Training for Biological Users;

                 b. Safety Training for Chemical Users;

                 c. Safety Training for Laser Workers;

                 d. Safety Training for Radio Active Materials Users;

                 e. Safety Training for Ultrasonic Equipment Users


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  • Log in Staff/Student Link and obtain the safety training records from Safety Training Management System

        1. Staff Link -> Learning & Development Services -> Safety Training Management System -> My Training Records

          2. Student Link / GSLink -> General Services -> Safety Training -> My Training Records


  • The Safety Training results will be available by the next working day