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Chair's Message



I am really excited about the potential and prospect of what Garage@EEE has to offer. Since taking over as the Chair, it has always been my vision to make EEE a hub of innovation for students. It is therefore my sincere hope that the setting up of Garage@EEE will be one big step towards that vision. Perhaps many years later, I will see the fruits of this initiative being evident in the number of students who eventually go on to make useful contributions in society, My dream is that many who made their foray into innovation through Garage@EEE will end up in the entrepreneurial track, creating lasting recognizable business entities. It is never too early to sow the seeds of innovation. In fact, it is common that many successful entrepreneurs either forced by circumstances of their growing up years or simply borne with the innate desire to create and innovate demonstrated their inclination towards entrepreneurship at a very young age. For many, the spirit of business entrepreneurship may even have started during their pre-school days. 

Let me share a quote by the late psychologist B.F. Spinner – “A failure is not always a mistake, it may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying”. Ask anyone you know and I am sure the answer is obvious, nobody likes to fail. Nevertheless like it or not, you will encounter failures. This is especially so in your journey on the innovation and entrepreneurial track. Be prepared to accept failures and further invest time and effort to learn from the failures you encounter. Look at it as useful learning experiences that are precursors to the bigger things to come, increasing your wisdom and shaping your outlook in a positive manner. Ultimately, all these will be a test on how much you really wanted it. After all, the only regrets you are going to harbor are the ones you never put in your effort to explore the possibilities.

The School can only offer you support in terms of resources, be it hardware and software resources. We can probably do our best to create the kind of environment that will make it conducive for you to explore the creative and innovative side in you. Nevertheless, the “heartware” has to come from you. Be daring and go forward to experiment, create, build and innovate. You will never know what will come out of it until you really try. You will only be in School at most 4 years, or probably longer for those who carry on to pursue your postgraduate studies. Make the best of the time while you are here. Explore, discover and innovate, while at the same time have fun (and funds) doing it. Perhaps sometime in the future, you will look back and proudly proclaim that “it all started at the Garage!”.

Professor Yoon Soon Fatt
Chair, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Advisor of Garage@EEE


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