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Flexible and Reconfigurable Workspace

The key to the FRW is the unique and customized workbench to allow for maximum flexibility of a reconfiguring workspace. With its’ novel and innovative system of customized furniture that serves as workbench for students, it provides greater leverage on how workspace is managed in an optimal manner. All workbenches are collapsible, allowing for workspace to be set up as and when needed. It caters to the needs of students by allocating a personalized workbench that is movable and storable. This optimizes the usage of space by doing away with dedicated and fixed workspace for each project, freeing up valuable space that otherwise would have been idle when other students could be using the space to work on their projects. Furthermore, the novel design of the workbench allows users to maintain a highly personalized and individualized workspace and work habits, literally a sense of seamless continuity in train of thoughts. When deeply engrossed in a project, being able to pick up from where we left off is a desirable trait of user-friendly trait in project time management.

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