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Pitching and Display Corner

Surrounded by glass walls at one section of the lab, this corner is an ideal space for bouncing off ideas. The whole lab adopts a very open style concept and the glass wall enclosed pitching corner is no exception. With the openness offered by the glass wall demarcation, it is an ideal corner with sufficient privacy for a technically engaging discussion. To achieve versatility in fulfilling the needs for visual display of presentation materials, a good size smart TV is available for a casual or semi-formal roundtable discussion style meeting.

Every month, this corner will serve as a venue for a pitching session. During the pitching session, students present a 10-minute pitch on their proposals submitted for consideration. It is also a platform for ongoing projects to follow-up with progress update as required by the Panel.

Every quarter or 4 times a year, the lab organizes a seminar or workshop style presentation of completed projects. This will serve as a useful platform for seeding collaborative partnerships and fostering synergistic and complementary cooperation to capitalize on the results of multiple projects. In order to facilitate a show-and-tell session, this corner is equipped with a demonstration platform with a 3-degree motorized maneuverability.

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