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Rules and Regulations

Garage@EEE a hub for innovative and creative work is installed with a round-the-clock camera monitoring system. Usage of the lab is subject to the following rules and regulations.

  1. Any intentional act of hacking on software and hardware systems or forcefully breaking into the personal workbench of another user is perceived as having criminal intent and will be dealt with appropriately.
  2. Users who show an outright disregard of lab properties are deemed as irresponsible. Attitude, such as rough handling of lab equipment and tools are perceived as irresponsible and will be monitored closely.
  3. A user with authorized access into the lab after office hours through pre-coded student matriculation card who willfully shares or lends his/her access card to another person who is not authorized to use the lab will have his/her access privilege revoked.
  4. Users of the lab are required to wear proper attire. Loose clothing that runs a significantly higher risk of getting caught in moving machinery parts or crevices is not appropriate.
  5. Costume jewelry or accessories such as long dangly necklaces and bracelets are not appropriate to be worn while working in the lab.
  6. Long hair should be tied together neatly, preferably in a bundle.
  7. No chemicals or flammable materials should be brought into the lab without authorization.
  8. No operating of heavy or motorized equipments during non-office hours unless an authorized lab personnel is on duty. Office hours are from 8.30am to 6.00pm.
  9. Testing that involves movable parts must be carried in the Systems Test Arena with the stowaway nettings properly expanded to protect other users in the lab from movable parts that accidental go astray.
  10. The lab is only to be accessed by individuals who are team members of an approved project.
  11. Portable workbench issued to each team and must be properly stored and locked in a workbench cabinet when unattended. The lab staff is authorized to open up the cabinet to inspect the contents of the when necessary.
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