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Conditions on Funding

The funds approved for the project are for buying of parts and components required for students to build prototypes or put together a demonstratable illustration of the concepts or ideas. Student with an approved funding for a project can proceed to purchase of small items and consumables for the project. It is advisable that whenever possible or practical, items should be purchased paid directly by students. With proper receipts and proof of items being delivered, students can file claims to seek reimbursement for the amount spent. Students should take note of the amount spent and not exceed the budget approved for the project.

  1. All items purchased except for consumables or small value items less than $2 in value, are deemed as property of the lab.
  2. Only items purchased for the project are claimable through reimbursement. Everyday accessories or items such as stationery (pen, erasers, etc.) although used in the project are NOT claimable.
  3. Pooling of approved resources from two or more projects to purchase bigger or more expensive items are usually not allowed unless specifically approved by the Director or Evaluation Panel on the premise that the item is mutually beneficial or doing so will result in more efficient usage of the funding approved for the projects involved.
  4. Unused portion of funding for a project that has been completed is not transferrable to another project. Additional funding for an ongoing project can only be granted by putting up a request for additional support which is evaluated during the pitching session. The procedure is similar to that of submitting a project proposal.
  5. At the end of each project, students are required to go through a proper project completion audit to be formally discharged from any potential liabilities.
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