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Every month, a pitching session (PS) is organized for the purpose of evaluating project proposals submitted or monitoring the progress of ongoing projects. For each PS, a panel of evaluators comprising of at least 4 Garage@EEE advisory panel members and the Chair of the Garage@EEE advisory panel convene to deliberate over the portfolio of projects in the lab. The Chair will take the lead during the PS to facilitate the meeting and guide the panel towards a collective decision. If the Chair is unable to personally lead a scheduled PS, he will make prior arrangement to appoint another member of the Garage@EEE advisory panel to lead the meeting. The guidelines for pitching are as follow:

  • Each project group is allocated 10 minutes to present their ideas. This includes Q&A.
  • It is important that you plan your pitch such that you do not exceed the time allocated. Adherence to the 10-min time limit will be enforced strictly.
  • After each presentation, the Chair leads the Panel to deliberate and come to a consensus on amount of funding approved.
  • A proposal requesting for funding to support work that is totally irrelevant may be outright rejected.
  • For each PS, a copy of the proposal will be made available to the Chair and the Panel will make recommendation at the last section of the proposal.
  • Ongoing projects approved during earlier PSs that require follow-up deliberation and subsequent recommendation on funding or guidance will also be evaluated during a scheduled PS.
  • Panel may offer suggestions or guidance to students in order to enhance the chance of success.
  • Where possible, the Panel should encourage and point students towards alternative sources of funding.
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