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Thematic Projects

​IOT for Smarter & Better living 

Aim: The aim of this initiative is to encourage students to develop smart hardware & applications which translates technology for a convenient & better life. In a home setting, the applications can be extended into Energy Saving, Elderly & Healthcare Monitoring, Home Security & Lifestyle Enhancement. 

Design guideline: The proposal should consider the ease of deployment of smart hardware & applications into their design considerations. For example, wired or wireless communication? Is the communication interface an industrial standard, requires additional module? Battery or line powered devices will decide whether re-wiring is required? Is the size capable of retrofit in existing home or only for new home? Can we translate the smart hardware function into services for the needed household? 

Smart hardware & applications 

Each device should be able to function on its own and also interoperate on a common platform (smart home controllers) with other devices & application. Potential areas of applications are as follow:

i. Energy Saving 

1. ​Lighting Control 

2. Thermostat & AC Control 

3. Sensors 4. Monitoring & Feedback 

ii. Elderly & Healthcare Monitoring 

1. Tracking Sensors 

2. Health Monitoring 

3. Reminder & Alert 

 4. Automated Control, both locally & remote 

iii. Home Security 

1. Sensors 

2. Intrusion & Burglary Automated Control & Alert 

3. Remote Locks, Digital Peephole, etc 

iv. Lifestyle Enhancement 

1. Wireless Switch, Internet Kettle, Remote turning on/off PC etc 

Note: This project theme is in collaboration with Matterlink which sponsors the hardware and software platform for the smart home controller gateway. ​​

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