GDIP (Information-Communication Technology)



The programme is comprised of six courses.

EE5701 Data Communication & Network Protocols
Data communication fundamentals. Communication networks. Local area networks. Internetworking. Network implementation and management.

EE5702 Foundations of Software Engineering
Object-oriented concepts for modelling and design. Object-oriented software development process. Requirements capturing. Analysis. Design. Implementation. Testing.

EE5703 Object-oriented Programming
Object-Oriented programming in C++. MFC programming. Windows NT programming.

EE5704 Multimedia Communications
Introduction to multimedia networks. Quality of service and traffic characteristics. Traffic scheduling. Multicasting mechanisms. Resource reservation. Multimedia communication protocols. Networked multimedia applications issues.

EE5705 Internet Business Technology
Introduction to electronic commerce. World Wide Web technology. Data warehouses and data mining technology. Information security technology. Payment system. Standards for electronic commerce. Agent for electronic commerce.

EE5706 Web Technology
Introduction to web technologies. Web design in Java and JavaScript. Structuring Web data in XML.