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Graduate level courses offered

Core Courses (45 hours per course except NM6062:80 hours)

Course Code ​​Course Title ​​​Conducted by
​​​NM6601 Microfabrication Technology ​NTU
​NM6604 ​Laboratory 1: Semiconductor Process and Device Simulation NTU​
​NM6605 Laboratory 2: Design and Modelling of Nanodevices ​NTU-TUM
​NM6607 Optomechatronic Measurement Syst​​ems TUM
​NM6618 Materials for Electronic Devices​ NTU​
NM6619 ​Bioelectronics ​TUM
​NM6620 ​Nanotechnology for Energy Systems ​TUM
​N​M6621​ ​Microstructured Devices and Systems for Green Electronics ​NTU
​NM6062​​ ​Business and Technical English ​GIST-TUM Asia


Elective Courses (Select any 4) (45 hours per course)

Course Code ​​Course Title ​​​Conducted by
​​​NM6603 Modern Semiconductor Devices ​NTU
​NM6617 Advanced MOSEFT & Novel Devices ​TUM
​NM6622 Low Power Displays and Solid – State Lighting ​NTU
​NM6623 ​Nanophotovoltaics ​NTU
​NM6624 ​Green Nanotechnology ​NTU
​NM6625 Introduction to the Power System ​TUM
NM6626 Polymer Electronics ​TUM
​NM6627 Semiconductor Power Devices ​TUM


Cross Discipline Modules​ (Compulsory) (10 hours per course)

Course Code ​​Course Title ​​​Conducted by
​​​CD5030 Aspects of Asian & European Relations Today  ​GIST-TUM Asia
​CD5031 ​Cultural, Social and Economical Aspects of Globalisation GIST-TUM Asia
CD5131​ ​International Intellectual Property Law  ​GIST-TUM Asia
​CD5170 ​Selected Topics in Business Administration  ​GIST-TUM Asia
​CD5180 ​Selected Topics in Business Management  ​GIST-TUM Asia
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