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Green Electronics


The joint Master of Science degree program in Green Electronics is a new highly specialized programme offered on a full-time basis for training semiconductor researchers and engineers to work in the areas of novel electronic/optoelectronic devices and systems, with particular focus on the energy, sensing/monitoring and semiconductor manufacturing fields. This joint Master of Science degree program in Green Electronics is conducted by faculty from both EEE NTU and the Technical University of Munich.

Programme Overview
The duration of the joint Master of Science (Green Electronics) is 24 months. Students will need to complete 2 Laboratory Core Courses (6 AUs), Select 6 out of 7 Core Elective Courses (18 AUs) and Select 4 out of 7 Elective Courses (12 AUs). The Laboratory core courses core includes: Laboratory 1: Semiconductor Process and Device Simulation, Laboratory 2: Design and Modelling of Nanodevices. The core elective courses include: Microfabrication Technology, Materials for Electronic Devices, Bioelectronics, Nanotechnology for Energy Systems, Microstructured Devices and Systems for Green Electronics, Optomechatronic Measurement Systems and Introduction to Power Systems. The elective courses include: Modern Semiconductor Devices, Low Power Displays and Solid State Lighting, Nanophotovoltaics, Green Nanotechnology, Polymer Electronics, Semiconductor Power Devices and Advanced MOSFET & Novel Devices. In addition, students are required to take 2 out of 6 Non-Technical Elective Courses to broaden their professional knowledge.

After completion of coursework, all students need to undertake 3 months of internship in industry and a further 6 months of independent research leading to a MSc dissertation. The internship and dissertation research can be carried out in different organizations or the same organization in Singapore or in Europe. (Students are free to choose where to complete the internship and dissertation requirements.) For NTU, the minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) for graduation from the Master of Science (Green Electronics) is 2.5. 

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