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Joint PhD Programmes


​The Joint PhD programme will be conducted on a full-time basis with full scholarships from NTU. Joint PhD students will be registered at both NTU and the partner university for the Joint PhD programme. Upon successful completion of the programme, NTU and the partner university will jointly confer the PhD degree with the seals of both partner universities.


Joint PhD students are required to fulfill a minimum residency of one year each at NTU and the partner university. During their residency at NTU, the terms and conditions of the respective scholarship scheme would apply.  At the partner university, students admitted by NTU will continue to receive the scholarship stipend under the individual schemes from NTU.


At NTU, Joint PhD candidates are required to attend courses and pass the examinations to earn at least 18 Academic Units (for e.g. 6 3-AU courses) in PhD study. Candidates have to undergo a Qualifying Examination/Confirmation Exercise within a period stipulated by the school When Joint PhD  student is serving residency at the partner university, Joint PhD candidates will follow the courses requirement stipulated by the partner university for the joint PhD candidates.

Below lists the Joint PhD Programmes offers by the School of EEE :