Signal Processing



Graduate course offered by Master of Science (SP) Signal Processing: 

Specialized Elective Courses (Students are required to take a min of 5 out of all the 6 specialized elective courses)​

Course Code ​​Course Title AUs
EE6010​ Project Management & Technopreneurship​ 3​
​EE6401 ​Advanced Digital Signal Processing ​3
EE6402 ​Real-time DSP Design and Applications ​3
​EE6403 ​Distributed Multimedia Systems 3
​EE6424 Digital Audio Signal Processing 3
EE6427 ​Video Signal Processing ​3


Prescribed Elective Courses

Course Code ​​Course Title AUs
​EE6101 Digital Communication Systems ​3
​​​EE7403 Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition ​3

General Elective Courses 

General Electives Courses (3 AUs) each
Any 3 AUs EE6xxx and EE7xxx courses in EEE
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Note: the above curriculum is subject to change.