Our Students


Many EEE students and graduates have leveraged the opportunities made available to them during their time with us. 
Read about their individual experience and how EEE has impacted their lives and careers. 

Student Profiles

Ann Nivedha
2nd Year Student
NTU-Georgia Tech Integrated Bachelor and Master Programme
I have always been an inquisitive person, ever amazed by the workings of the numerous technologies that I interact with on a daily basis. This made EEE a natural choice for me...
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Lim Hui Yin 
3rd Year Student
B.Eng (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
The School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering’s state of the art facilities provide a conducive environment for undergraduates like me to build on our knowledge and hands-on skills in engineering...
Ian Lin Liyang 
5th Year Student
Double Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Economics
As a member of the Leadership, Enrichment and Development (LEAD) Programme, I had a remarkable learning experience through its various community services and workshops which hone my soft skills in communication, leadership, team work and potential problem analyses... 

Muhamad Jazli Bin Jumain 
3rd Year Student
B.Eng (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
The NTU Electrical & Electronic Engineering programme was my desired course of study. It offers a broad-based syllabus so I was able to build my foundation and make an informed choice of specialisation in my later years...

Graduate Profiles

Aaron Tan
B.Eng (EEE), Class of 2012
Currently pursuing PhD at NTU
The Electrical & Electronic Engineering programme at NTU provided me with plenty of opportunities and flexibility to pursue what I have always wanted and the broad-based curriculum enabled me to recognise my strengths while allowing me to try out other interests...
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Chia Lek Guan
B.Eng (EEE), Class of 2013
Currently pursuing PhD at NTU
Being one of the largest EEE schools in the world, NTU School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering provides a wide range of projects, courses and specialisations available for me to choose from...
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