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 Joyce Chee

To the rest she always seems to be in a hurry and little is known, the fact is she has been working very hard towards her belief and life goal - to be an advocate in environment conservation using sustainable technologies.

Joyce Chee is one of the first few IEM students, who was admitted into the course in 2009. She is one of the many students who has graduated from Secondary School, Junior College and eventually pursue a degree education in a local University. Having such an ordinary profile, she was a very ordinary student who attended lessons regularly and studied very hard to earn good grades so that she could find a high-paying job after graduation.

It wasn't too bad to lead an ordinary life, until she was given a chance in IEM to complete her 6-month internship in Beijing-China in her third year of study. This experience has widen her horizon, gaining more insights into international issues such as climate change, poverty and globalization The definition of success is not just academic excellence, she feels one has to contribute back to the society in meaningful ways, and has chosen to take up the challenge to protect the environment from further unethical exploitation.

In 2011, Joyce has started a young company which develops renewable energy harvesting technology. Her team participated in local business competition, Ideas inc, and succeeded in obtaining the seat in Top 15 and securing $65,000 worth of seed funding. The skills she has equipped during the course of study enable her to integrate visual design and IT skills that are very critical to the company when developing their identity, marketing materials and product commercialization.

To gain better understanding in global environmental issues, Joyce took the initiatives and was selected to attend the Youth Environment Envoy Programme organized by National Environment Agency (NEA). Her outstanding performance in the programme has earned her a nomination to represent NTU in the Bayer Young Environmental Envoy, a competition jointly supported by Bayer and United Nations. Joyce has led her Bayer project which encourages people to watch corporate promotional videos on their mobile devices and earn collectibles, effectively saving electricity if the videos are to be played on large LED TVs. This environmental project was selected as the Top 4 Bayer project and she represented Singapore in a 5-day Germany field trip to learn about the German's leading environmental technologies and their government environmental policies. Over a short period of 2 years, Joyce becomes an active youth leader in Singapore's environment sector, organised the Climate Change Advert Challenge competition for schools, earned the title of young environmental envoy, runs a company developing sustainable technologies and volunteers in local environment non-governmental organisation ECO Singapore as a committee member.

Drawing near to her NTU graduation in July 2013, Joyce is filled with gratitude to her professors and IEM programme officers who have helped so much in her personal growth, especially to her most respected Prof Yeo Kiat Seng and Ms Sandy Choo for their altruistic support when she was met with many difficulties. IEM not only provides Joyce with the important skills to excel in her start-up career, most importantly it is her second home where there are many dedicated staffs who would contribute selflessly to groom the students.

So to the A level graduates, what are you waiting for?

Goh Chong Yang

Having served in the NTU Students’ Union (NTUSU) for three years, Chong Yang is a strong proponent for student-led initiatives that improve campus life. As the 20th NTUSU Vice-President, he led the team that founded the Union Shop, the official NTU merchandise outlet which has since become a highly successful start-up business. For his contributions to the university, he was honored the NTUSU Gold Award of Service by the Associate Provost (Student Life) in 2011. Despite his co-curricular commitments, Chong Yang has maintained a stellar academic track record. An ASEAN scholar, a yearly awardee of the Dean’s List and a co-author of 3 papers, Chong Yang first developed a passion for research under the URECA Research Programme. He has since won the First Prizes twice in the URECA Research Exhibition and Competition, in 2010 and 2012, respectively. In 2012, Chong Yang was awarded the EEE Excellence Award and the Koh Boon Hwee Scholars Award. Aspiring to contribute to the society through mind and hands, Chong Yang is currently pursuing his PhD under full scholarship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Lim Shiyun

Shiyun, our recent IEM (Econs) double-degree graduate, along with EEE researchers have won the IES Prestigious Engineering Award 2012. The inventors are recognized for their R&D efforts in developing techniques which allow one to convert everyday objects into touch interfaces. This inter-disciplinary research involves the novel use of acoustics and vibration signal processing theories and can be applied to convert existing flat-panel displays to touch screens and 3D objects into touch interfaces. This technology can be deployed for out-of-home advertising, F&B applications and entertainment systems. Congratulations Shiyun! 


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