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Major Research Achievements


​Grant Type               Project Title ​​​ Principal Investigator ​Awarded Date
Ministry of Education​
Quantum Topological Devices and 3D Nanophotonic Integration
Prof Liu Ai Qun
National Research Foundation
​Germanium-Based Materials for Silicon-Compatible Near-IR and Mid-IR Light Source Prof Tan Chuan Seng
DSO National Laboratories
Project KALARI-Device Process and Its Qualification
Prof Ng ​Geok Ing


​Grant Type               Project Title ​​​ Principal Investigator ​Awarded Date
Land Transport Authority (LTA) Simulation of Autonomous Vehicles in Their Operating Environment Prof Justin Dauwels Jan-17
​Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA) ​Project RAINO ​Prof Teo Hang Tong, Edwin Mar-17
​Schaeffler Hub for Advanced Research (SHARE) at NTU ​Schaeffler Hub for Advanced Research (SHARE) at NTU ​Prof Guan Yong Liang ​Mar-17
​Grant Type               Project Title ​​ Principal Investigator ​Awarded Date
AcRF Tier 2 ​High Sensitivity Photodetecting Arrays Based on Flexible Optoelectronic Fibers Prof Wei Lei Jan-16
​Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA) ​Project JONJO ​Prof Chang, Joseph Sylvester ​Jan-16
​NRF Investigatorship ​Emerging Colloidal Quantum Optoelectronics of Solution-Processed Atomically-Flat Nanocrystals ​Prof Hilmi Volkan Demir ​Jan-16
​A*STAR TSRP_Nano ​Pharos Programme On Dielectric Nanoantennas ​​Prof Hilmi Volkan Demir Jan-16
Green Builidings Innovation Cluster (GBIC) R & D Grant/ Building and Construction Authority Scalable and Smart Building Energy Management Systems Prof ​Su Rong ​Mar-16
EIRP ​Grid-wide Intermittency Management by Aggregation of Distributed Energy Storage Systems ​​Prof Tang Yi ​​Jun-16
​NRF- Sustainable Energy Research & Technology Demonstrator (SERTD) Initiative ​WP4: Sensors and Control Systems for Demand Management (Sub-project Title: Wireless Sensors and Internet of Things (IoT)) ​Prof Yu Hao ​Jun-16
​Delta-NTU Corporate Laboratory ​Delta-NTU Corporate Laboratory ​Prof Xie Lihua Jul-16
​SMRT Smart Urban Rail Corporate Lab@NTU ​SMRT Smart Urban Rail Corporate Lab@NTU ​Prof See Kye Yak ​Jul-16
​ST Electronics (Info-comm Systems) Pte Ltd ​Neuprowler ​Prof Arindam Basu ​Aug-16
​NRF CRP CMOS Terahertz Interconnect towards Tera-scale Personalized Cloud Server ​Prof Yu Hao ​Sep-16
​NRF 2016 IDM ​Smart platform infrastructure research on integrative technology (SPIRIT): A platform for translational R&D for a smart nation ​Prof Yoon Soon Fatt ​Sep-16
​MINDEF ​An Infrared Scene Projector: Virtual Reality For Infrared Defence Systems Prof ​Cuong Dang ​Sep-16
​A-Star ​3D Interconnects and Multi-chip Interposer Platform for Scalable Quantum Computing Prof Tan Chuan Seng ​Dec-16
​Grant Type Project Title ​​ Principal Investigator ​Awarded Date
​A*STAR SERC XRP3-1: Frontend of Mid-Infrared OPCPA for Soft X-ray High Harmonic Generation Prof Wang Qijie ​Jan-15
​NTU-JTC Industrial Infrastructure Innovation Centre (I3C) ​Study of Reliability of Power Systems for Underground Cavern Facilities Prof Wang Peng ​Mar-15
​EDB (Living Lab Fund) Development of NTU/ NXP-Intelligent Transport Systems Test-Bed  Prof ​Chong Han Joo, Peter ​Apr-15
​EIRP Novel Hierarchical Transactive Energy Management System Incorporating Predictive Assessment Techniques for Enhanced Community Market Participation Prof Gooi Hoay Beng ​Apr-15
​EIRP Integrated Fibre Optic Sensor Based Monitoring System for LNG Terminals  Prof Cai Wenjian ​Apr-15
​EIRP Advanced Multi-Sensor Anomaly Monitoring and Analytics for Gas Pipeline Prof Abhisek Ukil ​Apr-15
​NRF CRP Optofluidic Nano-Cytometer for Virus Purification, Sorting And Quantification As An Assistive Toolkit for Virus Diagnosis ​Prof Liu Aiqun ​Apr-15
​DRTech ​Project TERAFIRE Prof Teo Hang Tong Edwin ​Jun-15
​NRF CRP Fiber Medical Devices For Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease ​Prof Liu Linbo ​Jun-15
​Joint Collaboration Robotics Advance Lab Prof Wang Dan Wei ​Jun-15
​NRF-CRP ​Perovskite Optoelectronics: Multidimensional Perovskites for High Performance Solution-Processed Light-Emitting Devices Prof ​Hilmi Volkan Demir – Co-PI ​Jul-15
​AcRF Tier 2 High Sensitivity Photodetecting Arrays Based on Flexible Optoelectronic Fibers Prof ​Wei Lei ​Aug-15
​EDB Grant ​1.X. Innovative Phased Array Synthetic Aperture Radar System on Chip for Satellite Applications ​Prof Zheng Yuanjin ​Aug-15
​EDB Grant Radiation Hardened Power Management for Nanosatellites: Intelligent Monolithic Point-of-Load DC/DC -cum-Single Event Latchup Protection ​Prof Chang, Joseph Sylvester ​Aug-15
​DSTA ​Project Interstellar Prof Low Kay Soon ​Sep-15
​DRTech ​Project MOSQUITO NET ​Prof Lin Zhiping ​Oct-15
​MINDEF ​Project MOSCATO Prof ​Tan Yap Peng ​Dec-15
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