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Selected Research Grants 2015


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​Pharos Programme On Dielectric Nanoantennas A-Star ​Assoc Prof Hilmi Volkan Demir
​X-Ray Photonics (XRP) Programme ​A-Star ​Assoc Prof Wang Qijie
​Distributed Model Predictive Routing and Scheduling for Minimizing Network-wise En-Route and Airport Arrival Delay in Air Traffic Flow Management with an Eulerian-Lagrangian Flow Dynamic Model ​Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore ​Asst Prof Su Rong
​Project Skydiver (Radar) - Meta-Surface Based End-Fire Antennas of Extremely Low Profile ​Defence Science and Technology Agency ​Assoc Prof Shen Zhongxiang
​Project TERAFIRE ​Defence Science and Technology Agency ​Asst Prof Teo Hang Tong, Edwin
​Low Power Embedded Platform for Machine Learning in LoT Delta ​Electronics International (Singapore) Pte Ltd ​Asst Prof Arindam Basu
​Development of NTU/ NXP- Intelligent Transport Systems Test-Bed  ​Economic Development Board ​Assoc Prof Chong Han Joo, Peter
​Integrated Fibre Optic Sensor Based Monitoring System for LNG Terminals ​Energy Market Authority ​Assoc Prof Cai Wenjian
​Novel Hierarchical Transactive Energy Management System Incorporating Predictive Assessment Techniques for Enhanced Community Market Participation ​​Energy Market Authority ​Assoc Prof Gooi Hoay Beng
​Advanced Multi-Sensor Anomaly Monitoring and Analytics for Gas Pipeline ​​​Energy Market Authority ​Asst Prof Abhisek Ukil
​Study of Reliability of Power Systems for Underground Cavern Facilities ​JTC Corporation ​Assoc Prof Wang Peng
​Carbon Hetero-Structures for Advanced Thermal Interface in 3D Interconnects ​Ministry of Education ​Assoc Prof Tan Chuan Seng
​Fiber Medical Devices For Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease ​National Research Foundation ​Asst Prof Liu Linbo
​Optofluidic Nano-Cytometer for Virus Purification, Sorting And Quantification As An Assistive Toolkit for Virus Diagnosis ​National Research Foundation ​Prof Liu Aiqun
​Integration of Transparent Conductors in Interactive Devices (Programme Title: Next Generation High Performance Transparent Conducators for Flexibile Interactive Touch Devices) ​National Research Foundation ​Assoc Prof Chen Tupei
​Optofluidic Nano-cytometer for Virus Purification, Sorting and Quantification As An Assistive Toolkit for Virus Diagnosis ​​National Research Foundation ​Assoc Prof Ser Wee
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