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Selected Research Grants 2010


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2-Dimensional Coding and Signal Processing towards 10TB/in2 Magnetic Recording​ ​A-Star/ SERC ​Assoc Prof Guan Yong Liang
​Ultra-high Density Ferroelectric Fatigue-free Resistive Random Access Memory ​A-Star/ SERC ​Prof Zhu Weiguang
​Satellite Sensor, Control and Communication Systems ​DSO National Laboratories ​Assoc Prof Low Kay Soon
​RF CMOS ASICs For Communications Systems and High-Speed MUXDAC ​DSTA ​Assoc Prof Chang, Joseph Sylvester
​AIGaN/ GaN Based High Performance HEMT Device Structures on Silicon By Molecular Beam Epitaxy (Gallium Nitride On Siicon Growth II) ​DSTA Assoc Prof  ​K Radhakrishnan
​Very High Speed Data Converter ​DSTA Prof Lim Yong Ching
​Radar Systems Research Under Project Murray ​DSTA Prof  Lu Yilong
​A Failure Mode Studies on Gan Transistors ​DSTA ​Assoc Prof Ng Geok Ing
​Nano Antenna Array ​DSTA Prof Tay Beng Kang
​Design and Development of a Compact, Integrated Slam Module for Indoor Perception and Localization ​DSTA Assoc Prof ​Wang Han
​From Seawater To Fresh Potable Water Employing Solar & Ambient Energy, and Air Con Waste Heat in Urban/ Desert Climate ​King Saud University ​Assoc Prof Ali Maswood
​Liberating the Radio Spectrum with Cooperative Cognition in Spectrum Sharing ​Ministry of Education ​Asst Prof Ting See Ho
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