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Selected Research Grants 2011


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Design and Implementation of An OLED Backplane Pixel Driver and a Passive RFID Tag​ ​A-Star/ TSRP ​Assoc Prof Chang, Joseph Sylvester
​Novel Sensors and Acoustic Transducer for the Down-hole Electronic System (1) ​A-Star/ TSRP ​Prof Liu Ai Qun
​GaN-Based Devices and ICs On Silicon for mm-wave Applications ​A-Star/ TSRP ​Prof Ng Geok Ing
​In-Situ Reliability Assessment of Remanufactured Parts Operating at Elevated Temperature ​A-Star/ TSRP ​Assoc Prof Tan Cher Ming
​Multi-functional Higher Power Fiber Laser System and Applications for Cleaning and Surface Enhancement ​A-Star/ TSRP ​Asst Prof Wang Qijie
​Quantum Key Distribution ​DSO National Laboratories ​Adj Asst Prof Lim Han Chuen
​High-Speed ADC IP Core ​DSTA ​Assoc Prof Chang, Joseph
​Nano-satellite Bus Development ​DSTA ​Assoc Prof Low Kay Soon
​Indoor Localization in Urban Environment ​DSTA ​Assoc Prof Tan Soon Yim
​Project OFDM Waveform for Urban Environment- DIRP ​DSTA ​Asst Prof Ting See Ho
​MediaTek Professorship in IC Design Fund ​MediaTek Foundation ​Prof Yeo Kiat Seng
​Next-Generation 3D Sound System for 3D TV: Theory, Experiments, and Applications ​Ministry of Education ​Assoc Prof Gan Woon Seng
​NMR Microspectroscopy Using Microprobe Chips ​Ministry of Education ​Assoc Prof Poenar Daniel Puiu
​Detection of Pancreatic Cancer Using Multimodal Cadmium-free Quantum Dots ​Ministry of Education ​Asst Prof Yong Ken Tye
​Detection of Pancreatic Cancer Using Multimodal Cadmium-free Quantum Dots ​Ministry of Education ​Asst Prof Yu Hao
​Functionalized SiNW/CNT Layer-by-layer Structure as Anodes in Li-ion Batteries ​Ministry of Education ​Assoc Prof Zhang Qing
​Low Earth Orbit Pico-Satellite for Experimental Quantum Mechanics ​National University of Singapore ​Assoc Prof Low Kay Soon
​Excitonics Sicence and Technology Towards Revolutionary Semiconductor Lighting: Ultra-Efficiency Excitonic Energy Transfer for Next Generation Lighting and Displays ​National
Research Foundation-CRP
​Assoc Prof Hilmi Volkan Demir - Lead PI
​Enabling The Next Wave of Ultra Low Power Nano-systems: Heterogenous Integration of Low Power Electronics with High Performance Photonics ​National
Research Foundation-CRP
​Prof Yoon Soon Fatt -Lead PI
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