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Selected Research Grants 2012


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​Development of Tropical Energy Efficient HVAC Systems with Active Chilled Beam Terminal Units ​A-Star/ MND ​Assoc Prof Cai Wenjian
​Advanced Optics in Engineering Programme- Fibre Drawing Facility ​A-Star/ SERC ​Assoc Prof Tjin Swee Chuan
​Optical Dynamic Manipulation of Multiple Groups of Cells ​A-Star/ SERC ​Assoc Prof Cheah Chien Chern
​QDOT Colour-converting TV-LEDs ​A-Star/ SERC ​Assoc Prof Hilmi Volkan Demir
​Centre for Excellence for Silicon Technologies (COE-Si) ​A-Star/ SERC ​Assoc Prof Ng Geok Ing
​Cost-Benefit Analysis for Smart Grid in Singapore ​A-Star/ SERC ​Assoc Prof So Ping Lam
​3D Wafer Stacking with Considerations on Low Thermo-mechanical Stress and Efficient Heat Dissipation ​A-Star/ SERC ​Asst Prof Tan Chuan Seng
​Project Technifibre ​Defence Science and Technology Agency ​Asst Prof Tay Wee Peng
​Autonomous Virtual Humans and Social Robot For Telepresence ​Institute of Media Innovation Funding ​Asst Prof Yuan Junsong - Joint PI
​Project Staazer ​Ministry of Defence ​Assoc Prof Chang, Joseph Sylvester
​Vector Soliton Dynamics in Twisted Nanostructured Fibres ​Ministry of Education ​Asst Prof Luan Feng
​Towards Arbitrary Beam Engineering with Integrated Plasmonics and Deformed Microcavities ​Ministry of Education ​Asst Prof Wang Qijie
​High Power Silica Fibre Based Mid-IR Lasers ​A-Star/ SERC ​Asst Prof Luan Feng
​Multi-functional Higher Power Fiber Laser System and Applications for Cleaning and Surface Enhancement ​A-Star/ SERC ​Asst Wang Qijie
​Mid-Infrared Supercontinuum Generation in InF3 and Lead-Bismuth-gallium Fibers ​A-Star/ SERC ​Asst Wang Qijie
Design and Fabrication of Cost Effective Mid-IR Source by Three Photon Generation​ ​A-Star/ SERC ​Dr Shao Xuguang, Micheel
​Development of High Performance Large Mode Area Fibres ​A-Star/ SERC ​Vg Asst Prof Yoo Seongwoo
​Low-power Radar System on Chip ​DRTech ​Asst Prof Zheng Yuanjin
​In-country Fibre Capability Buildup ​DSO National Laboratories ​Asspc Prof Tjin Swee Chuan
​Vulnerability Analysis on Hyper-V Based Hypervisor ​Ministy of Education ​Assoc Prof Xiao Gaoxi
​High Efficiency and Low Cost Si/Organic Heterojunction Hybrid Solar Cells ​Ministy of Education ​Assoc Prof Rusli
​Graphene Photonics and Optoelectronics ​Ministy of Education ​Assoc Prof Tang Dingyuan
​A Novel Energy Efficient Desiccant Dehumidification System ​National Research Foundation ​Assoc Prof Cai Wenjian
​HVAC Visual Analytics For Overall Performance Evaluation ​National Research Foundation ​Prof Soh Yeng Chai
​Real-Time Integrated Dynamic Optimization and Control for HVAC Systems ​National Research Foundation ​Prof Wang Youyi
​Active Chilled Beam for HVAC Systems ​National Research Foundation ​Prof Wen Changyun
​Networked Sensing and Actuation System for Energy Efficiency and Human Comfort ​National Research Foundation ​Prof Xie Lihua
​Optofluidic System For Bacteria Detection and Identification ​Public Utilities Board ​Prof Liu Ai Qun
​Optical Force Induced Nano-Opto-Mechanical (NOM) Mass Cytometry For Biotoxin (Botulinum Toxin) Detection and Identification ​Public Utilities Board ​Prof Liu Ai Qun
​Nano-Opto-Fluidic System (NOFS) For Rapid Viral Detection and Sorting Via Optical Force ​Public Utilities Board ​Prof Liu Ai Qun
​Acoustophoretic Microfluidic System For Microbial Preconcentration and Fractionation ​Public Utilities Board ​Prof Liu Ai Qun
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