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School of EEE believes that the health, safety and welfare of all at the school is one of its highest priorities. We are committed to continually improving standards and aims to achieve best practice in health and safety, as a critical part of providing excellence in research, teaching and learning. School will resource all necessary health, safety and welfare provisions through the management and planning systems.

The ultimate responsibility for health, safety and welfare matters rests with the School Chair, and school safety committee. All managers are responsible for those areas that are under their control. All researchers, students and staff are expected to follow their SOPs and SWPs closely on their daily work.

The safety committee shall also formally monitor the effectiveness of the policies and procedures and, as necessary, approve new policies and procedures. Breaches of the health and safety policies and proc​edures may be regarded as serious disciplinary matters. Ultimately we want to maintain pleasant and safe work place for everyone in the school.​

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