Faculty and Research Staff


Senior Lecturer and Lecturer

Senior Lecutrer
Chan Chee Keong
Senior Lecturer  
Email: ECKCHAN@ntu.edu.sg
Phone: (+65)6790 5377 
Office: S1-B1b-51 
Jessica Ng  
Senior Lecturer
Email: EJLIM@ntu.edu.sg
Phone: (+65)6790 5703 
Office: S2-B2b-59 
Ji-Jon Sit   
Senior Lecturer
Email: JIJON@ntu.edu.sg
Phone: (+65)6790 4437
Office: S2.2-B2-02
Muhammad Faeyz Karim  
Senior Lecturer
Email: FAEYZ@ntu.edu.sg
Phone: (+65) 6790 5380
Office: S2.2-B2-04
Ong Keng Sian, Vincent  
Senior Lecturer  
Email: EONGKS@ntu.edu.sg
Phone: (+65)6790 4708 
Office: S2-B2b-54 
Seow Chee Kiat  
Senior Lecturer  
Email: CKSEOW@ntu.edu.sg
Phone: (+65)6790 6028
Office: S2.2-B2-08
Shao Xuguang  
Senior Lecturer, Assistant Chair (Students) 
Email: XGSHAO@ntu.edu.sg 
Phone: (+65)6513 7648
Office: S1-B1a-10     

Foo Yi Shyh, Eddy  
Email: EDDYFOO@ntu.edu.sg 
Phone: (+65)6790 4519
Office: S1-B1c-89    
Zhang Xinan
Email: Zhangxn@ntu.edu.sg 
Phone: (+65)6790 4003
Office: S2-B2b-57     

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