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About EEE
Chair's Message

Chair's Message


Welcome! It’s good to see you on our website. 

One of the three founding schools of the Nanyang Technological University, the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) has evolved into one of the largest schools in the world providing electrical and electronic education. 

We attract distinguished faculty who can stir the hearts of future engineers, while our graduates make significant contributions in the real world. As such, distinguished engineering institutions worldwide consider us a valued associate. They tap into our talent pool of undergraduates, graduates and faculty to collaborate towards greater engineering achievements. Our numerous Memoranda of Understandings to that effect are testament. 

Similarly, various sectors of the engineering industry partner us to test-bed innovations. That, and the fact that we are able to attract over $90 million in research funding annually, speaks volumes for the calibre of our research expertise and capability. Indeed, our mega research centres and joint research centres with the industry such as Rolls-Royce@NTU – are pushing the envelope in discovery and innovation. A jewel in our crown – our successful Satellite Programme developed at our Satellite Research Centre, launched Singapore’s first satellite in 2011. Now others are motivated by our success as we continue to pursue further breakthroughs in that area. So we stand out because we are about solving real problems for real people.

Our brand of education is not purely academic. When we design new curriculum or courses, we always ask “are we fulfilling our mission to ensure our graduates have the relevant knowledge to prepare them for industry?” This is a conscious effort every time. 

In fact, a large part of our curriculum is designed in consultation with industry’s needs. We collaborate closely with technology companies – local and multinational, start-ups and established names. This relationship keeps us abreast of the industry’s changing landscape.

It also facilitates our intensive industrial attachment programme for students - a win-win scenario. Undergraduates win as they learn the intricacies of making an engineering idea work and bringing it to market, with all the accompanying problems, and even failures, because failure is part of success. Companies win because they are able to assess and recruit prospective engineers who are excited and enthused about their objectives. And EEE enjoys the satisfaction of matching students with jobs, and industry with the thinkers, designers and leaders it needs. 

Our graduate programmes are no less notable. Our Master of Science, Master of Engineering and PhD programmes are so well renowned that we offer graduate coursework programmes in collaboration with several reputable overseas universities. 

Thus, EEE is no ivory tower. Our finger is very much on the pulse of industry – and life – and the School pulsates with the vibrancy and dynamism of ideas and research that will go on to make the world a better place.

EEE is a thriving hub of Engineer Entrepreneurs where students and faculty abound with new ideas, working together on projects at the frontiers of their field. Engineer Entrepreneurs can go from peering at atoms and molecules in their laboratory coats in the morning, to donning their business suit and presenting their ideas and proposals for the next big product in the afternoon in someone’s boardroom. Our students graduate with the right skill sets, right personal attitude, and most important, personal integrity.

Ours is a fascinating and intriguing world. Please enter, explore and you’re bound to be excited. Together, we can make a difference.

Professor Yoon Soon Fatt
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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