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Safety Code

Students are required to observe the following safety and dress codes in the laboratories, lecture theatres and tutorial rooms for their safety.

​10​​.1 ​In all room :
​a) ​Be cautious when handling electrical equipment above 30V DC or 50V AC. Strictly follows the instructions when energizing equipment.  If in doubt, discuss it with your supervisor(s).  Switch off any equipment if it is not in use.  Obey all warning signs.
​b) ​Be aware of the emergency exits at any times.
​c) It is your responsibility to read safety and fire alarm posters and follow the instructions during an emergency.​
​d) ​Know the location of the fire extinguisher, eye wash, and safety shower (or the nearest toilet) in your laboratory and know how to use them.

​10.2 ​In the laboratories
​a) ​Strictly follow all the safety instructions given by your supervisor(s) and the laboratory staff.
​b) ​Entry to laboratories with uncovered shoes is strictly not permitted. 
​c) ​No pendants/dangling earrings/long hair/loose clothing are allowed when working around rotating machinery.  Students wearing rings shall remove them before the commencement of work.
​d) ​It is compulsory to wear eye protective gear when operating a drilling/milling machine or any other turning machine.​
​e) When working with an electrical supply of 50 volts or higher,
  • Switch OFF power supplies before changing any connections.
  • Be careful about connecting the leads with exposed metal ends.
  • Do not touch any LIVE metal ends.
​f) ​When handling chemicals, lasers and power tools follow strictly all the safety precautions, if there is doubt, discuss it with your supervisor(s) or with the laboratory staff.
​g) ​Laboratories and workshops are full of potential hazards that can cause serious injury, disability, death and or damage to the equipment. Therefore, it is mandatory to read all Risk Assessment (RA) approved by Project Supervisor/ Principal Investigator/ Reporting Officer before the commencement of any practical work.
​h) ​Working unsupervised in laboratories is forbidden if you are working with hazardous substances or equipment. With prior approval, at least two people should be present so that one can shut down equipment and call for help in the event of an emergency.
​i) ​Safety training and/or information should be provided by a faculty, trained researcher or laboratory safety representative at the beginning of a new assignment or when a new hazard is introduced.
​j) ​Eating, drinking, or smoking while working within the demarcated area in the laboratory is strictly not permitted.
​k) ​Use of earphones to listen to audio music is strongly discouraged as it hampered the hearer’s ability to hear any audible warning/alarm.
​l) ​Notify laboratory staff immediately after any injury, fire or explosion, or spill.​
More information on safety can be found at the Office of Health and Safety website here.
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