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DIP Projects

TP01: Smart & Micro Grids for Integration of Renewable Energy Sources

Thematic Coordinator: Prof Wang Peng

ID Group Title Supervisor Moderator
E003 Kelvin water dropper battery
Venue: Nanoelectronics Lab I
Sun Changqing

​E012 ​A stand-alone photovoltaic system with sun tracker​
Venue: Project Lab
Chan Chok You, John
​E015 ​Machine learning and data analytics-based operation for smart grids
Venue: Clean Energy Research
Hung Dinh Nguyen TBC

TP02: Smart Electronics

Thematic Coordinator: Dr Sit Ji-Jon

ID Group Title Supervisor Moderator
E005 Building Rubik’s cube solver
Venue: Nanoelectronics Lab I
Lee Seok Woo
E011 Design of a driver using stepwise charging
Venue: Integrated Systems Research (S1-B2A-04)
Zhang Yue Ping
E013 A Smart Soil Monitoring Device for Internet-of-Things Applications
Venue: Electronic Lab I
Chan Pak Kwong​
E014 Motion sensing and fall detection system based on sensor interfaced single board computer
Venue: Device Fabrication Simulation
Wong Kin Shun, Terence
E017 High Reliability Circuits and Systems for Satellite Applications
Venue: Integrated Systems Research (S​1-B2A-04)
Chang, Joseph Sylvester​


Thematic Coordinator: Assoc Lim Meng Hiot

ID Group Title Supervisor Moderator
E019 UAVIONICS - Project A
Venue: Water and Energy Research Lab
Teh Kah Chan
E020 UAVIONICS - Project B
Venue: Robotics I
Soong Boon Hee
E021 UAVIONICS - Project C
Venue: SaRC
K Radhakrishnan
E022 UAVIONICS - Project D
Venue: Process Instrumentation
Tan Soon Yim
E023 UAVIONICS - Project E
Venue: Garage@EEE
Chang Chip Hong
E024 UAVIONICS - Project f
Venue: Garage@EEE
Kantisara Pita TBC

TP05: Photonics, Radar & Satellite Systems

Thematic Coordinators: Assoc Prof Ng Boon Poh, Asst Prof Wei Lei

ID Group Title Supervisor Moderator
​E001 Ground Penetrating Radar for tree root scanning.
Venue: Centre for Information Science and Systems (CISS)
Lee Yee Hui TBC
​E009 3D scanner for an application in virtual fitting room​
Venue: Fibre Technology Lab
Yoo Seong Woo TBC
E010 Water Antennas
Venue: Communication Research II
Shen Zhongxiang TBC
E027 Developing a single pixel camera
Venue: Photonics I
(Steve) Cuong Dang TBC

TP07: Machine Learning & Data Analytics

Thematic Coordinator: Assoc Prof Jiang Xudong

ID Group Title Supervisor Moderator
​E016 ​Improving Deep Learning Accuracy by Data Augmentation Using Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN)
Venue: Software Engineering
​Wang Lipo TBC
​E025 Weakly Supervised Learning for Real-World Image Enlightening​
Venue: Communication Lab
Wen Bihan TBC
E026 3D Point Cloud Processing and Applications
Venue: Media Technology Lab​ -

Ma Kai Kuang
E031 Application of Deep Learning Neural Network to Stocks
Venue: Internet of Things Laboratory
Wong Jia Yiing, Patricia TBC
​E032 Causal Inference of Feature Design in E-commerce App
Venue: Media Technology Lab​
​Chen Lihui​ TBC

TP08: Escape Game Design & Implementation

Thematic Coordinator: Assoc Prof Liu Linbo

ID Group Title Supervisor Moderator
E002 Escape Game Design & Implementation A
Venue: Media Technology Lab
Luo Yu TBC
E006 Escape Game Design & Implementation B
Venue: Computer Engineering I
Leong Wei Lin TBC
E007 Escape Game Design & Implementation C
Venue: Information Systems Research Lab
Liu Linbo​ TBC

TP09: Smart Mobile Apps (SMAPPS)

Thematic Coordinator: Dr Muhammad Faeyz Karim

ID Group Title Supervisor Moderator​
E004 Building a scientific calculator
Venue: Device Fabrication Simulation
Chen Tupei
E008 Mobile App utilizing publicly-available datasets
Jong Ching Chuen
E018 Smart Mobile Apps for EEE Courses
Venue: Communication Research II
Tan Eng Leong​
E028 Smart Mobile Apps (SMAPPS)-A
Venue: Process Instrumentation (S2.2-B4-03)
Muhammad Faeyz Karim
E029 Smart Mobile Apps (SMAPPS)-B
Venue: Centre for Bio Devices and Signal Analysis (VALENS)
Liu Aiqun
E030 Smart Mobile Apps (SMAPPS)-C
Venue: Information Systems Research Lab​
Goh Wang Ling
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