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Submitting Proposal

Why participate in Garage@EEE Accelerator

  • To expose EEE/IEM engineering students through a full cycle of the innovative product development process, from problem identification to final product prototyping
  • To instil innovation in EEE/IEM engineers that will be of value to future employers
  • Quality innovations have the opportunity to be moved to the crowdfunding through platforms such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo and raise funds to bring the prototype to final production  
  • Top 3 winners would also qualify for the top 40 list of IdeasInc 2016 competition and pitch their venture to investors

In addition to hands-on and team-working experience, a series of workshop will be held to equip you with different skills. Garage@EEE Accelerator is a prequel to Business Accelerator like IdeasInc as such the workshops are designed with the following purposes:

  • Problem Identification (looking for problem worth solving)
  • Design Thinking and Innovation Process
  • Prototyping Skill
  • Lean Startup
  • Manufacturing Knowledge, Sourcing and Budgeting
  • Logistic and Packaging
  • Crowdfunding Marketing (Video story-boarding)

Experiential Learning
The programme shall:

  • Encourage System Thinking
  • Provide networking opportunity in aid of Team formation (maker, coder, designer)
  • Handhold the inexperienced through a Copy, Learn, Innovate process
  • Provide hands-on experience in crowdfunding


Registration Deadline - 17th August 2017 

24th August 2017 ​Problem Identification
7th September 2017​​ ​Design Thinking & Innovation Process
​14th September 2017​​ ​Prototyping Skill
​21st September 2017 ​Customer Development & Lean Startup
 Pitching Session for Project Funding - 28th September 2017
​12th October 2017 ​M​anufacturing know-how, Sourcing & Budgeting
​19th October 2017 ​Logistic & Packaging
​26th October 2017​ ​Crowdfunding & Marketing

Workshop and Pitching shall be held on Thursday 6pm – 9.30pm at Garage@EEE 
Showcase & Crowdfunding - December 2017 - January 2018  
Continue Mentorship - 6 months thereafter  


To participate, sign up via online form.

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