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Bachelor of Engineering (Information Engineering & Media)

NTU EEE Undergraduate Students 05


New Breath. New Path. New Experience.

What would you get when you add Art, Design and Media to the classical Engineering studies? You get a whole new exciting programme called the Bachelor of Engineering in Information Engineering and Media.

"I had always wanted to develop my artistic side, but my stronger interest in scientific courses precluded any pursuit of that goal. This programme, with its fusion of art/media and engineering, was the perfect answer for me. It’s now possible for me to express myself creatively and artistically through engineering."

… Chew Siew Mooi - IT Specialist, IBM Singapore

"The IEM programme has not only provided a good technical foundation for my career, but it has challenged me to think innovatively, communicate effectively and manage people relationships well. These have been invaluable to me in my profession as a defence IT engineer."

… Wong Zhi Xiang - Engineer (InfoComm Infrastructure), Defence Science and Technology Agency

"Having spent four years in the IEM programme, I’ve come to embrace the rigors of engineering as much as I appreciate the subtleties of the arts. The dual emphasis on technical competency and creative capacity is unique, and it has inspired me to constantly seek new perspectives -- not just answers -- when approaching problems in engineering."

… Goh Chong Yang - Ph.D Student/Research Assistant, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"The experience of tackling different disciplines in the IEM programme has prepared me well for challenges in the real world. I’m able to learn new things very quickly, be it technical skills or something very different, because I was taught how to step outside my comfort zone during my time in IEM. I’m also proud to know that throughout my life I’ll have the engineering and media and design skills that I gained in IEM. How many engineering graduates can say that they’ve produced short films and radio podcasts?"

… Huang Jiesi - Analyst, MINDEF  

A New Breed of Engineers

Technology is witnessing a new revolution. By merging art and creativity with information, communications and digital media technology, new breakthroughs have been achieved. Remarkable progress in movie and games, for instance, can only be made possible with technology working hand in hand with art and creativity.

This new revolution has opened up new possibilities, experiences and business opportunities that will radically change the world. It has created the need for a new breed of infocomm engineers equipped with sound understanding of the artistic and creative processes in media design and production.

The Bachelor of Engineering in Information Engineering and Media (IEM) is here to answer this need.

This four-year direct-honours programme is hosted by the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and jointly offered with the School of Art, Design and Media, School of Computer Science and Engineering, and Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information.

Leveraging on the strengths and expertise of four NTU schools, this multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary degree programme aims:

  • To train professional Infocomm engineers with strong technical skills to meet the demand for Infocomm manpower.
  • To train engineers with an exposure to the artistic and creative processes and equip them with an understanding of the needs of the growing media industry.
  • To provide graduates with a strong foundation in mathematics, information sciences and soft-skills for diverse careers and life-long learning.
  • To develop graduates with a good understanding of their roles in society and a strong sense of ethical and professional responsibilities.

At the Cutting-edge Of Technology & Art


The programme is mainly technical. Sixty percent of the curriculum is devoted to technical courses in Information and Communications Engineering, such as programming, computer hardware/software, communications and networking, and digital audio/image/video processing. This strong emphasis on technical foundation produces infocomm professionals equipped to work in the IT, computer and communications industries.

The programme also exposes students to the artistic and creative aspects of the media industry. About 20% of the curriculum is devoted to courses such as digital art and design, animation and game design, and radio/TV/movie production. This part of the curriculum allows students to graduate with a sound knowledge of media design and production in line with industrial needs. The graduates will be able to work with media designers in content creation, production and delivery. They will be in a unique position to better understand the needs of the content creators and to develop new technologies and tools which will help the Media industry achieve higher productivity and elevate it to the next level of excellence.

Besides the specialized training, students are ensured a holistic and rich learning experience, as 20% of the curriculum is devoted to broadening courses in arts, humanities and social sciences, science and technology, and business and communication skills. These arm students with the capacity to readily adapt to the demands of tomorrow.

BEng (IEM) with a Second Major in Business

This programme equips students with in-depth knowledge and skills in both Engineering and Business over the normal duration of 4 years. With both technical and business perspectives, graduates of this programme will have enhanced competitive advantage and market value, and access to a wider breadth of career options and opportunities. Graduates of the programme will be awarded a Bachelor of Engineering with a separate certificate for the second major in Business.

BEng (IEM) & BA (Econs) Double Degree Programme

The combined inter-disciplinary qualities of an engineer and an economist will be highly valued in the globalised environment of the future. Offered in partnership with NTU’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences, this programme aims to equip graduates with excellent knowledge and competency in both engineering and economics. With the changing dynamics of global economy, growing resource scarcity, and escalating societal and environmental concerns, engineers of the future will face increasing challenges to reconcile engineering activities with these considerations.

The double degree programme is specially tailored for academically confident and all-rounded students. Students will earn two honours degrees in five to five and a half years and can expect diverse career opportunities in the public and private sectors.

"As IEM is still a fairly young course, and this is the first time NTU is offering double degree programmes in Engineering and Economics - I knew I was undertaking quite some risk in choosing IEM-Econs double degree programme (IEEC) for my undergraduate studies. Thankfully, I am now glad that I have made the choice to join this double-degree programme.

Whether I would be able to cope well with 2 degrees was definitely one of my concerns. IEM itself offers very diverse fields of study in engineering, the arts and the media. To take on Economics as well would require that I be a very all-rounded person and a Jane of all trades. After resolving some timetable issues however, as we got started with the modules - I realised that I had worried unduly. Clearly, some degree of discipline and time management is needed, but once I got used to the pace and learning style - I found that taking double degrees worked towards my favour. It developed me a lot more holistically, and trained me further to view things from different perspectives. I could also see how the different fields actually interact and overlap - something not possible if I was only taking on one degree. Indirectly, this helped me perform better in both degrees.

In addition, the IEM cohort is a very small one. It is one of the rare courses for which you can actually know everyone else and vice versa (if not in your course - in your year at least). The friends that I have made in IEM, while it’s a little corny to say this, have brightened up my NTU life considerably. It really feels like being part of a very large family in IEM. The IEM activities as featured on the News and Events have helped bond the IEM students really well. At the same time, I have a lot more chances to interact with other people also taking Economics too. The friends I have made there are very close to my heart too. This extension of social network has not only made me a happier person, but provided a lot of support whenever I feel down or dejected.

I am grateful that I have made this choice, given all the benefits - foreseen and unforeseen - that I have enjoyed."

… Lim Shiyun - IEM-Econs Graduate

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