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How did you get to work at Grab?

I’m in a graduate programme that’s run by Google and IDA. I was trained in Google for 6 weeks before being posted to Grab for my 8-month work attachment.

How did your studies in IEM help in your work at Grab?

The broad-based curriculum exposed me to different skill sets, such as design, art and programming. This is really apt as I’m doing Marketing Analytics and Business Intelligence in Grab, which requires me to not only be technically strong, but have an eye for details while thinking like a marketing executive.

Furthermore, the vast differences in IEM’s engineering and arts education trained me to be adaptable and flexible. They prepared me for the rigour that is required in the ever-changing environment of Grab.

What do you think of your work thus far?

I enjoy being an analyst in Grab where each business decision and all company functions are supported with data. I can see myself learning much as an analyst.

Where do you see yourself in three years’ time?

Equipping myself with the skills needed as a senior analyst. This means being comfortable in handling complex analysis and leading analysts who are less experienced. If possible, I intend to further my studies in order to enhance my growth as an analyst.

Jade Wee | Alumni Batch 2016
Google Squared DATA & Analytics Programme,
Google & IDA

Zack is the Co-Founder of FOMO Pay Pte Ltd. He started his first company, FOMO Digital, in Aug 2014 and went on to establish FOMO Pay in Dec 2015. FOMO Pay provides one-stop online/offline Chinese payment modes (like WeChat Pay and China Union Pay) for overseas merchants to facilitate reliable payment collection from the China market and Chinese tourists, while opening up the China market to new products.

Describe an exciting or a challenging part of your job.

The process of running a startup from ground zero all the way up to where it is right now.

Why did you decide to start a company?

Being an entrepreneur is a road less travelled by people. I find that it is a good way to challenge myself and to see how I can grow something from scratch.

How has your studies in IEM prepared you for entrepreneurship?

IEM, to me, represents innovation, enthusiasm and multi-talented people. It helped me to explore fields outside of my specialties, and kept me always open to challenges.

How has the journey been thus far?

Our company has been awarded the TOP 8 Startup by the DBS FinTech Accelerator Programme and is seen to be among the TOP 100 Startup by Echelon Asia 2016 and Red Herring Asia.

Equipped with hands-on knowledge in both design and media, I was able to generate marketing materials that best amplify the unique selling point (USP) of our product. As a result, my management team was able to earn high recognition and trust from our investors.

Yang Zhan, Zack | Alumni Batch 2016
FOMO Pay Pte Ltd

Shiyun is a digital product designer and is loving every aspect of her job. She gets to distil the best ideas from very diverse viewpoints into a few workable solutions, utilising her company’s resources, constraints and user needs.

What is the most interesting thing about your job?

Collating great ideas from different departments into feasible solutions, with the best user experience possible. It requires me to make sense of many different viewpoints, from the technical angle right down to the business function. It has been a very quick learning journey for me.

What made you decide to go into product design?

I like design in general. It’s a career that makes a great impact on the lives of people who use the products.

How did the environment in IEM help you in your job?

The multidisciplinary training helped me easily understand the many diverse fields, like business goals, engineering capabilities and constraints, behavioural design etc.

Lim Shiyun | Alumni Batch 2013
Product Designer
Zendesk Inc.

The IEM programme has developed my problem-solving and adaptability skills. As an entrepreneur, these skills have pulled me through diverse challenges, including the running of funding campaigns, product research & development, corporate governance and even sales and marketing.

Equipped with hands-on knowledge in both design and media, I was able to generate marketing materials that best amplify the unique selling point (USP) of our product. As a result, my management team was able to earn high recognition and trust from our investors.

Joyce Chee | Alumni Batch 2013
Business Development Manager
eVida Healthcare

You could be solving complex digital electronics equation at any given hour and then doing some sketches on the NTU landscape from the School of Art, Design & Media building an hour later. I found this constant change of pace relaxing and made University life challenging yet fun.

Dustin | Alumni Batch 2012
AdWords Specialist
Google Asia Pacific

Artistic creation and technical development has much in common – this is what my experience at IEM has led me to believe. Many hands-on projects in the programme challenge me to be exploratory and playful with new ideas, while keeping rigor and precision in mind when actualising them. I have come to appreciate the necessary interplay between these two processes in learning and doing. This has a lasting influence on how I approach real-world problems.

Goh Chong Yang | Alumni Batch 2008
PhD Student, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of
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