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Our Student Committee

​Similar to our sister lab Garage@EEE, MLDA@EEE is predominantly student-centric. Our committee members are guided and empowered to make decisions, develop and implement ML/DA/AI activities and initiatives which they feel best benefit their peers.

Have a bold idea, concept or insight to revolutionise the way we learn or implement ML/DA/AI? Want to make a positive impact on the MLDA community?

MLDA@EEE Student Committee is on the lookout for dynamic individuals to take the lab forward for AY2020-21! Simply get in touch with any of our committee members or lab managers, or keep a look out for our recruitment drives. Alternatively, you can also email us at for more information.

We look forward to having you in our team!
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Committee Members (AY2019-20)
MLDA Student Comm (AY2019-20).png

Past Committees

Committee Structure
MLDA Student Comm Org Structure.png

5 major portfolios:

Academic & Training
  • Prepare workshops/training camp materials
  • Conduct workshops/training camps
  • Hold weekly paper sharing seminars
  • Evaluate efficacy of events & track progress of participants
  • Manage Github repositories and build code frameworks for future use
  • Manage a Q&A chat for students who are interested in AI/ML/DA and build up a talent pool

Career & External Relations
  • Network with industry
  • Forge partnerships with external companies on various projects, events, internship/full-time opportunities
  • Conduct career events (Not limited to career sharings)

  • Generate hype for events & increase awareness of MLDA
  • Design posters & website content
  • Design MLDA related T-shirts, Polo Tees and more
  • Manage MLDA social media platforms
  • Take event photos and produce post-event write-ups

Operations & Logistics
  • Handle bookings for catering, venues and other related facilities
  • Monitor event attendances
  • Ensure everything is well set up for an event (e.g. AV & sound system, lighting, etc.)
  • Handle budget management

Project Management
  • Manage MLDA’s industrial adhoc projects throughout the project duration
  • Understand the requirements from the industrial partner and direct the project towards delivering the outcome successfully before the project deadline
  • Arrange regular project meetings and avoid any progress delays
  • Bridge the gap between project team members, MLDA and the industrial partner
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