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Read more ​​​​​​​

MLDA@EEE Deep Learning Week
NTU EEE PhD Student wins international award
Terra-AI Workshop
Enthuse JC Workshop
Machine Learning and Digital Analytics (MLDA@EEE)
MLDA@EEE Career Sharing Series III - The Professor's Apprentice



  • Academic
  • Tutorial by PhD students and committee members
  • Collaboration projects with industry
  • Community projects and competitions
  • Research Paper Session
  • Career & External Relations ​​
    • Network with the industry
    • Resume and interview tips workshop
    • Community projects and competitions
  • Workshops
    • Enthuse JC workshop
    • Foundation of Data Science in Python
    • Prdictive Modeling in Python
    • NVIDIA DLI workshops
    • Machine Learning Bootcamp
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