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Your one-stop shop to acquiring relevant MLDA content and knowledge, through our specialised beginner to intermediate-level workshops and training programmes.

The content delivered is aimed at supplementing the existing EEE/IEM programme curricula, from basic Python programming and data wrangling, to more complex pillars such as Computer Vision (CV), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Multiple Data Types (MDT) and Time Series Forecasting.

These content are developed either in-house through our student committee members, or made available through collaboration with our industry partners, such as NVIDIA and Terra-AI.

Latest Academic Content available:

  • Machine Learning Insider Series- featuring ML topics on cutting-edge fields, such as Autonomous Vehicles, Video Analytics and Convex Optimisation, from our senior MLDA@EEE members.
  • Deep Learning Series- join our talented MLDA@EEE student comm academic team as they guide you through advanced DL topics, starting with the very basics of Python and working through topics such as Convolutional Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing.

Students having workshops in MLDA Lab (figures above)

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