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MLDA@EEE offers various opportunities for our EEE/IEM students to work with reputable industry partners such as NVIDIA, OCBC Bank, Pensees and Shopee, among many others, on a wide variety of AI-related projects.

These projects include (but are not limited to):

1. MLDA@EEE Adhoc Project
(can be individual or group project)
For: all students
Duration: Flexible, depending on the company’s requirements.
· Extra-curricular, carried out directly between students and the company, with the possibility of getting a EEE faculty as a co-supervisor (however, this is not guaranteed).
· MLDA@EEE will assign a Student Committee Project Manager to assist with the delivering of the project.
· However, the School of EEE will not be held responsible for the project progress, given its adhoc nature.

(individual project)
By invitation only, for: students in their
· 2nd year (in a 3-year Bachelor's degree programme)
· 2nd or 3rd year (in a 4-year Bachelor's degree programme)
· 2nd, 3rd or 4th year (in a 5-year Bachelor's degree programme)
Duration: 11-month (Aug to Jun) programme to cultivate research culture among outstanding undergraduates in NTU.

(individual project)
For: 2nd or 3rd year students
Duration: Semester 1 or 2 (over 13 weeks)

(group project)
For: 3rd year students
Duration: Semester 1 or 2 (6 hours per week, over 13 weeks)
· Students work in a group of 5 – 7 members
· There will be a compulsory DIP competition managed by respective programme coordinators. Project supervisors need to serve as judges of the competition, unless the programme coordinator has alternative arrangements.
· Each faculty can only propose 1 project each as main supervisor and co-supervisor per semester.
· Students will be informed to select staff proposed projects from his/her programme.
· Project allocation will be done by computer, based on the choices of students.

(individual project)
For: 4th year students
Duration: mid-Aug to mid-Mar of the following year

(individual project)
For: Continuation of an earlier URECA project carried out by a 2nd and/or 3rd year student. Duration: mid Aug to mid-Mar of the following year

For: Students taking EEE M.Sc. Programmes
Duration: Semester 1, at least 6 working months involvement.
· Supervisors must be EEE Faculty.
· Projects should not be classified under NDA, i.e. not contain any confidential information on inventions(s) that may be patentable.

2. Industry Postgraduate Programme (IPP)
(individual project)
For: Students taking EEE M.Eng. or PhD Programmes
Duration: M.Eng. - 2 years of study & research / PhD - 4 years of study & research.

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