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Awards Received
Mr Teo Hang Tong Edwin under the supervision of Professor Tay Beng Kang has been awarded the Silver medal in the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors award (OPEN SECTION) for the creation of carbon nanomattress which is a new hybrid material with tunable viscoelastic properties.

Professors Ng Geok Ing, Radhakrishnan K., Wang Hong and Adjunct Professors Vincent Leong Yoke Choy and Ang Kian Sen as members of the combined team from the Temasek Laboratories@NTU and the DSO National Laboratories have been awarded the Prestigious 2007 Defence Technology Prize Team (R&D) Award for the team’s innovation in creating technological breakthroughs for Singapore’s MMIC research capability development.

Prof Tay Beng Kang and his team members (Mr. Teo Hang Tong Edwin, Miss Yang Yi, Miss Wendy Yung Ka Po, Mr. Han Zhao Jun, Dr. Cao Thang Ha, Peter, Dr. Yan Xingbin) were awarded IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Awards on 3 August 2007 for their contributions to nano-engineered carbon hybrid systems, including:
  1. full carbon hybrids materials
  2. carbon nanoclusters systems
  3. polymer metal integration and
  4. carbon nanotube ceramic applications.
Assoc Prof Liu Ai Qun and his team members (Dr Zhang Xuming, Dr Li Jing, Miss Cai Hong, Dr Wu Jiuhui, Dr Harikrishnan Narayanan Unni, Miss Selin Teo Hwee Gee, Mr Khoo Eng Huat Mr Chin Lip Ket, Miss Zhang Xi, Mr Song Wuzhou, Ms Sun Yi and Mr Liang Xiaojun) were awarded IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Awardson 27 Oct 2006 for their contributions to Photonics MEMS including:
  1. Photonics MEMS chips
  2. MEMS Tunable lasers
  3. MEMS Injection Locked Laser
  4. Variable Optical Attentuators
Assoc Prof Daniel Lau Shu Ping and Prof Yu Siu Fung were awarded Nanyang Award of Research and Innovation(2006) in October 2006 for their achievement in advancement of Zinc Oxide for ultraviolet laser diodes.

Assoc Prof Sun Changqing was awarded Nanyang Award of Research and Innovation (2005) on 25 November 2005 for his decade’s dedication in originating and applying two comprehensive theories regarding chemical bond formation, bond relaxation and their consequences on performance of materials and surfaces
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