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COEB, Centre for OptoElectronics and Biophotonics, is a research centre for advanced photonic research with impacts on fundamental science as well as novel technology and applications. Looking forward, in the next 10-30 years, advanced photonics science and technology will indeed be one of the most significant enablers for the next-level of ultra-broadband and intelligent human society, with potential impacts expected in areas such as very-high-capacity optical communications, nanophotonics, biophotonics, and other related broadband information technology systems. 
We will focus on research topics in advanced photonics science and associated enabling technologies, and become a truly strategic asset that would eventually enable Singapore to be among the world leaders in the important field of photonics, with their emerging applications in microwave photonics based ultra-broadband opto-electronic information systems, micro-optical sensors for environment and intelligent homes and biomedical monitoring for personal healthcare, fiber-based photonic systems for power generation and energy delivery, as well as other novel and unique applications of photonics. ​
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